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               Le'Guider International Electronics Assembly  began  it's operations early in may 1981.  Servicing being the company's line of business, it was involved in the repair and service of  almost all kind of commercial and residential electronic equipments  and appliances.   With  a capable apprentice personnel and  a  highly professional management spearheaded by it's founder,  Youssef  Z. Ahmad, an Electronics Design Engineer graduate from an  exclusive school in Germany, the firm was able to penetrate the Class A  to Class  C  markets in the City of Makati Metro Manila Philippines.


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Comany History.

        Soon  through  high quality  services  and numerous satisfied clients,  it  was  able capture  a  client following not only in Makati  but  Le'Guider Intíl would receive clients coming from nationwide and foreign countries.During  this time, the company was setting it's eyes on  the electronics  manufacturing business.It was able to developed  and perfect  several electronic products for commercial and  residential  applications.


          To name a few,  Le' Guider Int'l  has  a  working design for a low cost, high quality electronic push-button  telephone which it for sees to aid in the country's telephone program, it  also  has a working design of a  brushless,  automatic  AC/DC Electric Fan with Dome light and AM/FM radio including a built-in battery  pack to last up to six (6) hours, the Automatic  Voltage Regulator ( servo and relay types) for a per appliance use or  the Voltage  Stabilizer / Guard  for   whole  households or offices, The  Guider  Power  Uniterruptible  Power Supply or UPS, and the Guider Power AC Economizer.


















With years of experience neatly tucked under it's belt,  Le' Guider Int'l  finally  in  the  second quarter of 1988 left the repairs business,  to the dismay of it's clients and went on to tackle  a bigger  and  better  field,  The  electronics  manufacturing  and marketing business.


          Moving to the city of Pasay where it  begun to produce  it's products,   Le'  Guider Int'l   put   on-line  the  first  of  several products it was to market.


         Through a stiff, unmatched  advertising  campaign  Le' Guider Int'l  was able to penetrate the back-up power supply  market  which was held by foreign and  multi-nationals.


         The Guider Power Uninterruptible Power Supply quickly became a house hold name.


         In the last quarter of 1993, it introduced the Guider Power Economizer,  designed to reduce your electricity bill from 20 % to 50 percent and the  Guider Power Voltage Stabilizer a wall type Automatic Voltage Regulator and Appliance Guard which can regulate AC current for an entire household or a whole office.


          In  the near future,  Le' Guider  International  Electronics Assembly  is  setting it's sights on  tie-ups  or  sub-contracting agreements in electronics  assembly for other company's willing to take  advantage of the low cost, high quality  craftsmanship  Le'Guider Int'l  has to offer for foreign interested companies and at the same time continue with  manufacturing it's own designs.


          In the year 1987 Engr. Youssef Z. Ahmad was declared Inventor of the Year and Recognized by the Republic of the Philippine as Filipino Inventor.


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